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In a few years the messengers drones will be as common as a mail van". The biggest world online store is committed to its fleet of unmanned vehicles, which already has a name (Prime Air) and even pilots, deliver their packages. In mid-August, the businessman explained to The Telegraph that the main challenges of the project are not technical but legal, and that United Kingdom is the country most inclined to make the necessary changes so that the owner of Amazon dream from becoming a reality. But Bezos is not the only pressing towards the civil legal and commercial use of drones. In the United States, the San Jose police department got last month a permit from the City Council to use a drone that had acquired in January. He has yet to get another permit, the air forces. According to the authorities, this drone will be used as a support in cases of hostage-taking or bomb, not for monitoring of the population or to store data. The candidate for the primary, the Republican Party Ben Carson has proposed to put drones in the borders that shot to illegal aliens.

In Jakarta (Indonesia), the police bought in June five drones to monitor the traffic. For its part, India acquired four in April, equipped with cameras and pepper sprays, to help the police in violent protests. This country was the drone which had aerial photos of the territory of Pakistan shot down in July, according to military sources reported.
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Precisely, this was the original end of drones, used by United States first to spy on the ground in countries enemies and, later, to kill selectively. But today already not only large countries can have drones. For 100 euros, you can buy one at Amazon. The most popular, the Parrot Drone, which includes camera, cost 268 euros. According to the U.S. air force, by 2020 there will be some 30,000 domestic drones in the United States. So far year, its commercial and military pilots have had incidents with 650 drones. A couple of months, a video on YouTube showed a homemade drone that fired a gun. Few months earlier, in April, another drone equipped with a small load of radioactive material landed on the roof of the office of the Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation organization has active campaigning that warns about these toys: "of surveillance or unmanned drones raise important issues for the privacy and civil liberties. There are drones capable of a highly advanced monitoring, and those who are already in use by the police can be equipped with live and infrared cameras, heat sensors and radars. Some military versions can remain in the air for hours or days and their high-tech cameras can scan entire cities, or with its powerful zoom, read a carton of milk to more than 18 km height. They can also carry devices to intercept communications, wifi and fake cell phone towers to determine your location or intercepting your texts and phone calls. "Unmanned aircraft manufacturers admit even that can carry weapons such as Tasers or rubber bullets", warns this Association.

This summer, at the hacker Convention Defcon, in Las Vegas, appeared in society a civil drone called Aerial Assault. The device is guided by GPS to go to the building of his victim, the wifi network sits on the roof and crack. The drone is equipped with hacking tools to detect holes in the network and get into it or put a virus. Aerial Assault is on sale for 2,300 euros.
Cybersecurity experts begin to investigate how to defend themselves. Also in Defcon presented ways to hijack a drone: attacking your Wi-Fi connection either with an app that is malicious, many are controlled via the phone. An israeli company working on a radar to monitor if there are drones to 400 meters RADIUS. Years ago, in 2009, Iraqi soldiers labored is also in hacking drones spying their positions. They discovered that their safety left (and leaves) very much want and that was possible intercept their communications - travelling not encrypted - with a simple program for Windows, SkyGrabber, whose license costs $26.
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Not so accurate military surgery

The drones were born military, with aggressive Reaper (mower) and Predator (predator) names. Its first use was the monitoring of enemies territories but on September 17, 2001 were given a new one: then-President George W. Bush signed a document which were authorized the assassinations of members of Al Qaeda and allies. It was the beginning of actions with drones of the CIA. They called them "military surgery operations" and consisted of equipping to

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