Patch 6.2.2 revise the people skills of the Horde in world of Warcraft. Orcs, Tauren, blood elves and goblins enjoy significant improvements. We show you in the video, what changes you can expect.

Blizzard screwed the people skills of the Horde. That emerges from the first experiences on the test server. All changes are positive, the Racials ORC, Tauren, blood elves and goblins are buffed. So enjoy the peoples about new resistance to control effects in PvP.
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Bad news for Alliance players: so far we have found no changes for the peoples of the dwarves, humans, Gnomes, and Worgen. What do you think of the changes and believes her, Blizzard will address the people skills of the Alliance next? Write us in the comments! As always, you read more news around the MMORPG on our world of Warcraft theme page.

After some time ago the mod support for the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was announced, there are now quite a few mods, which are intended to improve the gaming experience. Among other things, a higher zoom function, to find an immersive HUD and a quick trip-mod are on
by the GameStar/GamePro editors • 25.08.2015, 09:56 clock

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt new mods to the game experience of the Witcher 3 improve.
Recently, the mod-support for the open-world role-playing game the Witcher 3: was wild announced hunt and the Developer CD released some mod tools project. A comprehensive» RED kit «not there as for the second part of assassins of Kings for the time being though, some useful mods are still yet to find»

Including the immersive-HUD-mod, which hides the mini map to improve immersion. It appears so just yet, if the sense of the Witcher is enabled. Later, it should be also possible to display tags only on the mini map and not on the large map. Thus, they appear only when one approaches them, causing the main map to be clearer.

At the quick trip-mod, the name is program also. While there is already a fast travel system between guideposts, the mod should allow players but to travel from anywhere. That should save large distances especially in the wilderness. However, the function as usual is available only outside of fighting.

Another convenient feature is the higher card zoom. This new mod going to lift the zoom level on the main map, so players in order to better overview further can zoom out from a map. Thanks to the MOD, the player at the highest zoom level to see Velen, Novigrad, and almost all of the Skellige Islands at a glance.

A world of Warcraft screenshot again fueling the rumors to a new addon. To see the standard login screen is, however, the number at the bottom of the screen shows version 7.0. soon is the announcement of an extension or is it just a filthy fake?

The world-of-Warcraft-Beta server run according to Reddit and MMO-champion allegedly already on version 7.0. This "proves" a screenshot of the login screen. Version 7.0 would consequently, be right, because 1.0 was 3.0 for wrath of the Lich for classic, 2.0 for Burning Crusade, King, 4.0 for cataclysm, 5.0 for mists of Pandaria and 6.0 for warlords of Draenor.
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6.2 patch should have been the last RAID update for WoW according to Blizzard, an announcement of a new extension would therefore be soon only logical. If the screenshot of world of Warcraft 7.0 is actually real or just a fraudster drives mischief in the forums, we can not say unfortunately at this time. Just keep our WoW topic page in the eye.

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